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    Qlik sense mashup page problem

    Haikuo Yu

      I created a Qlik sense mashup, and put it at Qlik server.

      Qlik server is hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS). There are 5 users, who could access Qlik server.

      Whenever I make any selection on Qlik mashup web page, other users will see the same selection.

      However, in a webpage, if I make any selection, other users who access the same web page should NOT see what I select, is it right?

      Any suggestion is appreciated!

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          Phaneendra Kunche

          Usually this behavior appears, if all users use same credentials. If that is not the case then i would check if for each user a different Qlik Ticket/session is getting generated or not. Check and see how you setup your authentication?

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            Fernando Keuroglian



            This happend when you acces uses the same token in a different pc or laptop.


            If two different user acces to the same dashboard using the same token, there will be a concurrence problem like you comment


            Good Luck


            Fernando K.

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                Haikuo Yu

                Phaneendra and Fernando, thanks so much for your help!
                The multi pages mashup was created with Qlik sense desktop, and uploaded to Qlik server hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS).
                There are actually 3 big problems of the mashup.

                1): selection can NOT be kept among different mashup pages.

                2): selections made by user A will affect the selection of user B. Actually user B will see the same what user A is selecting/doing on the mashup page.

                3): on mashup page, there is a US state map, and map color and legend is each state. However, map loading is very slow on mashup page.

                It seems problem (1) and problem (2) are common Qlik mashup issue, however, I did not find good solution.

                1: Could you please give me any suggestion or example to solve the above three problems?

                2: how to generate different Qlik Ticket/session for each user?

                3: the mashup page will be integrated into a web page, and could be public acess. How to generate Qlik ticket/session to all the public users.

                4: we have 5 Qlik token, and we have 5 users at Qlik server right now.How to solve the  concurrence problem?

                Thanks so much for your help and suggestion!

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                    Bill Markham

                    The way I understand Qlik Token licensing is that every human being who accesses your QlikSense Server will need to authenticate and have suitable tokens allocated for each of them to consume.


                    I'd suggest you liaise with your Qlik Account Manager who will probably be able to explain it better tan me.

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                  Haikuo Yu

                  Fix the map loading problem by changing map file size.

                  Put all the mashup html pages into one as a walk-around to keep the selection.