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    field not found: while using of different table column in new table.

    Supriya R



      i have two tables


      My requirement is to get rows from CAMPAIGNMETRICS  table where WHERE campaign_start_date >=Min_Date_Runrate and campaign_start_date <=      Max_Date_Runrate;





            Date($(#vCalendarStart) + RecNo()-1) AS "Date_Runrate"

            AutoGenerate $(#vCalendarLength);




      LOAD Date(Min(Date_Runrate)) as Min_Date_Runrate,

      Date(Max(Date_Runrate)) as Max_Date_Runrate

      Resident Calendar1 Where MonthPeriod_Runrate=Text(Date(WeekEnd(Today()), 'MMMYYYY'));


      2.) CampaignMetric:

             LOAD `batch_meta_data_id`,

           `campaign_metrics_id` as Campaign_metrix_month

            Resident CAMPAIGNMETRICS WHERE campaign_start_date >=Min_Date_Runrate and campaign_start_date <=      Max_Date_Runrate;


      Here when i load in script i get 'Field not found in campaignmetrics table'.  I do know that reason why it is giving error, because i am using Calendar1 table's column in CampaignMetric table where it doesn't contain.

      Is it possible to get data like this in qliksense script or is there any other logic i could apply to get required result??

      Any help is appreciated.