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    SAP Connector 5.4

    Sravan Puppala

      HI Guys,


      The following transports are installed on SAP machine.SAP Basis for the SAP Machine is 7.01


      1.1.1 SAP BASIS system 6.40 and 7.00

      For these systems, the following transports should be installed on the SAP System:

      1) QT2K900238 (Data extraction)

      2) QT2K900101 (User profile)


      The transports must be installed in the above order. The first is cross-client; the second transport is client-specific and has to be installed in all clients where it is intended to be used


      I now need to check the connection. when I try in Qlikview I get the following error

      error loading image

      Can any one help. How to check if the connection is correct or not??

        • SAP Connector 5.4
          David Li

          Hi sravan,

          RFC_NO_AUTHORITY error. Sounds like an authorization issue on the sap side.

          I guess the sap transports are ok (RC=0 or 4) and you have attached role QTQVCACCESS to the user Qlikview via transaction SU01 or PFCG. and you have done a 'user comparision' via transaction PFCG (User comparision button on the user tab).

          The role QTQVCACCESS gives the Qlikview user access to sap authorisation object S_RFC.

          If all else fails you can trace Authorization areas via transaction ST01. Tick the authorization check box, click on general filters. Enter Qlikview in the 'Trace for user only' field, click on the ok button to exit, click on save settings and then click 'Trace on' to start tracing.

          When you have tried connecting and get the failure, you can go to the ST01 transaction , click 'Trace off' and then click on analysis to look at your trace - what you are looking for is authorisation objects with RC > 4. You can then bring this to the attention of your sap security or basis team to diagnose further.