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    How to create a table from a loaded table from DB Conenction

    Shaima Mahmoud

      Hi Dears,


      I have an ODBC postgres data connection to load data from .

      I  have written some scripts to load this data in the 'Data load editor'

          this data after load has new table name and this table has new Structure.

      as follows



      SELECT id  As TSK_Id,

            name  AS TSK_Name,

            description  AS TSK_Description,

            planned_starttime  AS TSK_PlannedStartTime,

            actual_starttime  AS TSK_ActualStartTime,

            planned_endtime  AS TSK_PlannedEndTime,

            actual_endtime  AS TSK_ActualEndTime,

            resource_id  AS TSK_ResourceId,

            project_id AS TSK_ProjectId

      FROM public.dsh_project_tasks_view;

      Now after load data in local PROJECT_TASKS table ,


      I want to make another select statement or load statement to select data from PROJECT_TASKS table to load another table with a new structure to make a new visualization with it.  can I ?????

      like this , for example


      select Tsk_Id as Tsk_status_id,

      name as Tsk_status_name,

      case when planned_endtime >= actual_endtime  then 'Ontime' else 'late' end as tsk_status,

      from PROJECT_TASKSselecting from the previously loaded table up there 

      please help me with a load statement or another select statement example as I don't know the syntax or If I can do this or not  ????!!!!