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    Nprinting 16 - Re-load task with On Demand

    Mike Czerwonky

      Greetings Community,


      I have been out of the loop for the last 60 days as I have started a new consulting assignment.


      I have Nprinting and am trying to use On Demand to perform a reload task.  When I use my QV desktop client ( 11.2 SR 10 ), I can run my reload task and it refreshes my app.  I also have a load script command to store the new data as a QVD.  So, my reload task is really an Extract   When I run the process on demand on the QV Desktop in web view mode, it works great.  My app gets refreshed and my QVD is created anew.  When I run the task from the Access Point, the app is refreshed but the store part of the load script does not appear to get executed.


      Trying to give my client the ability to perform the extract and load process from buttons in an app.


      Here are some screen prints of my load script, and my file folder.



      Nprinting sample load script.PNG


      As you can see, my QVW is called Nprinting Task Load Test.qvw and was modified on 8/8 at 10:33 AM.  The reload task did not update my QVD called Favorites.QVD


      Folder to show Nprinting Task.PNG



      Anyone been able to successfully make this work and what is the trick, if so?


      Thanks in advance for any help!