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    Table Formatting Question

    Mark Ritter

      I have a straight table that will have multiple rows for the same activity date.  I only want to display the activity date on the first row and not repeat it on each row that follows.  Then display it again when it changes.

      There was a setting in QlikView to do this.  I don't see anything in Qlik Sense.  If there is not a setting I was hoping that someone would have a work around.




      07/01/2016  John Doe  PT

                        Mary Doe  OT

                        Steve Smith ST

      07/02/2016  Tom Jones PT

                         Sue Jones OT

      07/03/2016  Mark Thomas PT




      I don't think that I can use a Pivot Table for this because I have no measures in this table and don't need any.  It appears that a Pivot table requires at least one measure.