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    qlikview with salesforce ID matching by aliasing


      I know that for fields to be associated,the fields must have same name.I am using salesforce and in the script i wrote this:

      sql select id as periodID,......from period__c;

      sql select name as PeriodID,..... from Expenses__c;

      because i want to associate name from one table to id of the other table,as name from expenses is a look-up to id from period__c.The type is same.But the script terminates with an error,i think it does allow aliasing.How can i achieve this by skipping aliasing.

        • qlikview with salesforce ID matching by aliasing

          yupi,i got it to work. the solution is this:

          select transaction__c, category__c,Period__c,Montant__c, Date__c From expense__c ;

          Load Period__c as Id,transaction__c, category__c,Period__c,Montant__c, Date__c

          Resident expenses;

          drop table expenses;

          thus the Period__c field now will have the name Id and is associated to the field Id of the table Period__cBig Smile