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    Qlik Sense Server: Recent Architecture Changes?

    Jason Hezzel



      I am wondering if there have been recent changes (last 9 months) to how Qlik Sense Server can be deployed to take advantage of multiple smaller machines on Amazon Web Services?  My company evaluated using Qlik about 10 months ago in AWS, but the memory usage and processing requirements were overwhelming given that our goal was to embed applications inside our own portal for customers.


      Recently though I have heard from fellow BI professionals in my network that they are deploying Qlik Sense Server in AWS on thinner machines that make scaling cost very effective. I've spent the last week or so trying to track down materials related to deploying Qlik Sense Server in AWS and any recent changes Qlik may have made to change memory requirements in that kind of deployment, but thus far I haven't found anything that seems like a big change.


      I would love any pointers to materials for deploying in AWS and specifically anything that discusses recent architecture requirement changes.  Stories from folks who have successfully done this would also be really helpful as would any referrals to partners that assisted.


      Thanks Everyone!


      P.S. If this is the wrong place to ask architecture questions, my apologies - just point me to the right location.