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    Calculated Text box properties different than what is shown in Text Box

      I'm trying to figure out if I'm doing these calculations correctly, and I noticed that all of my text box display numbers are different than what they are if I open up properties. For example, I right clicked and went to properties on 34.66% and It says text object properties 30.30.help1.PNG It is like this for all of my percentage ones, and it has basically the same formulas using the same variables.


      The text box formula for the above picture is as follows:



      Sum({<[Effective Month]={'$(vPreviousMonth)'}>} Spend)


      Sum({<[Effective Month]={'$(vMaxMonth)'}>} Spend)

      , chr(9650), chr(9660)) &



      Num((sum({<[Effective Month]={'$(vMaxMonth)'}>} Spend) - sum({<[Effective Month]={'$(vPreviousMonth)'}>} Spend))


      sum({<[Effective Month]={'$(vPreviousMonth)'}>} Spend)



      , '#,##0.00%')





      vPreviousMonth is   =Month(AddMonths(Date(Max({<[Time Period] = {'Monthly'}>}[Effective Date])),-1))


      vMaxMonth is =Month(Date(Max({<[Time Period] = {'Monthly'}>}[Effective Date])))//=Month(Date(Max([Effective Date])))



      In this particular one I'm trying to get the up or down arrow and the number to say the change for the month that is the latest selected and the previous month.  So I'm taking (this month - prev month )/ Prev Month   but for some reason the numbers are different when going into properties, and I'm not sure which one is right or what's going on to see if i'm even doing my calculations correctly.

      Any help is appreciated.