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    Unified Hub

    Logesh Jayaraman

      How does the unified hub works?


      (a) In Qlikview we have categories to filter the group of dashboards. When the QlikView Dashboards are published to unified hub how it will be grouped? will it be create a separate stream for each category?

      (b) Let say i belong to specific group ABC. And we have QlikView and Qlik Sense Dashboard. how the unified hub will show the dashboards? will it there one single stream as ABC to display QlikView and QlikSense Dashboards.(Assuming all the users has access to both QlikView and QlikSense Dashboard) or Two Streams- QlikView ABC - Show QlikView Dashboards and QlikSense ABC - Show Qlik sense dashboards




      There will not be any streams .. All the QlikView Dashboards will be  published at one place in the unified hub?