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    Using a variable inside set analysis

      I'm having an issue using a variable I created inside set analysis.


      I'm using this formula:

      =count({<ProviderFullNM=, CareProcessNM ={$(vCPRK1)},ThreeCaseMinFLG = {'Y'}>}FacilityAccountID)


      I'm trying to display the value in a text box but I'm getting the "Error in set modifier ad hoc element list" error.

      The value of the variable does however display in a list box object.


      I set the variable in the script as below:

      SET vCPRK1 =if(aggr(rank(count(DISTINCT FacilityAccountID)),CareProcessNM)='1',CareProcessNM);


      I've tried every variation I can find to get this to work and I can't seem to get it working. Can someone please help?