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    This Week and Last Week

    Satish Kurra



      I'm currently using the below boolean functions to get This Week and Last Week.


      -InWeekToDate(Date,Today(),0) as CurrentWeek,

      -InWeekToDate(Date,Today(),-1) as PreviousWeek,


      For Current Week, it is showing Date as 08/08 and 08/07




      For Last week, it is showing Date as 07/31 and 08/01.


      I want to show Current Week from 08/07  - 08/13

      and in the similar way Last week as well.


      Can Someone help me in achieving this.


      Besides this for Date Range Calculation i would like to use flag


      For example, From Aug 1 - Aug 31 (full month Estimation using Flags)


      I do not want Max(Date) as i have Dates after Aug 31 2016 as well


      I need from Aug 1 2016 and Aug 31 2016 logic using Flags