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    document chaining vice versa not working

    naveen kumar

      HI all,

      I want to known whether the scenario the one i am looking is possible in qlikview r not .the thing is  i am working on document chaining  functionality b/w two diff application,let says

      in first application i got these tabs whose  file name is 1.qvw

                                     material(sheet id 01)    sales(sheet id 02)    budget (sheet id 03)    


      in second  application i got same  tabs whose  file name is 2.qvw

                                              material   sales(sheet id 05)   budget 

      so on sales tab i wrote two  trigger(open qlikview document ) and in path i have given 2.qvw and activate sheet 05,so that on clicking sales tabs it will bring me  to sales tab of 2nd application which is working great.

      Now my problem is from 2nd qvw when i click on material tab having triggers (open qlikview document ) and in path i have given 1.qvw and activate sheet 01,it should bring me to material tab of 1.qvw

      but this is not happening even though it is bringing  me back to 1 .qvw but not in to material tab it is bringing  me in to sales tab...

      same with budget tab also it  bringing me back to sales itselfs..

      so i got doubt whether this vice versa is possible or not in qlikvew ,