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    Assign two variables for Date range in Qlik Sense

    Senarath Bandara Herath


      I'm in the process of migrating Apps from Qlik View to Qlik Sense. However most of my apps use selecting a date range by assigning two variables for date Start and date End which is possible in Qlikview. Most of expressions use both current period and corresponding previous period comparisons (current selection period Vs corresponding period)


      I'm not yet able to replicate the same in QlikSense apps.


      I tried to achieve the same status by using two extensions available in Qlik Branch namely Sense Date Range Picker and Calendar_DatePicker. But I later has a issue where it does not pick any value to the variables defined AND I have no idea as to how to get the corresponding period in Sense Date Range Picker


      Would appreciate very much if anybody would advise or recommend a better way to overcome this situation.


      Further, hope future releases of Qlik Sense would consider these requirements.