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    QDS reload issues

    Surendra Masupalli

      Hi guys


      We have an issue with one particular reload that fails only on mondays at 6:30 and the error being "Document open call failed. The document might require username and password". We don't have section access in the script and have sufficient QDS engines for this to process the reload.


      I'm assuming this due to the unavailability of server resources, but just can't find a way to support my assumption.


      I'm sure this topic was discussed quite a lot of times on the community, but I don't seem to find a proper answer.


      Pls can you let me know how I can get this fixed? If I have to move the scheduled reload to a different time, I need to show my management with supporting files that show memory unavailability at that particular time.


      Pls advise!



      Thanks in advance!