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    Qlik Sense URL - Issue.


      We recently started using Qlik Sense as a BI tool at our company. However i am having an issue with URL in Qlik Sense Single Configurator objects.

      <a ng-if="cell.representation === 'url' && ( !selections.active && interactive )" qva-activate="openUrl(cell.url)" ng-attr-title="{{cell.url}}" class="ng-scope ng-binding" title="http://xxx.xx/xx/xxx/xxx/1234">Sporingsside</a>

      As you can see from the auto-generated HTML above, the href is missing. The URL is displayed in the title...

      Furthermore, it is set to be a URL in the Qlik sense app itself.

      Does anyone have a solution to this, or have encountered the same problem? Or maybe even know if there is possible/where the file is located on the server so i can change the qlik.js as i assume this is creating the links.