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    update of the QVD files

      Hello All,


      I have a question about the update of the QVD files :

      here is the current process which is done automatically :

      1/ qlikview connect to the datebase and read the data of D-1 (data from the previous day) in a table (rejects)

      2/ save the data in the QVD files with the name "rejects_D-1"


        example : today  (08/09/2016) qlikview read the data of  08/08/2016

                          these data will be saved in the qvd ->"rejects_20160808"

      3/ load the qvd files to construct the KPIs.


      My problem is : sometimes one field (which called "status") change in the database.


      Example : if in 1 week, the data of 08/08/2016 change  in the database , i must change the qvd "rejects_20160808"

      is there a way to change also the qvd file ? if it is possible could you help me to do this.

      Thank you in advance for your help