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    Incremental Load - QVD Generation

    Sudha Eswaran

      Hi All,


        I am a beginner in Qlik Sense. I have to modify a full load into incremental load in an application. The data is from 3 different databases. There are 3 different connections to the database (3 set of tables). In each connection there are 4 SQL Statements. How many QVD files should I create?

      I am going to follow insert and update method of the incremental load process. I am not clear with the number of QVD files generation.


      3 connections:


      LIB Connect to xxxxxx;

      LIB Connect to yyyyyy;




      LIB Connect to zzzzzz;


      IN x  Connection there are more than 10 database tables associated and 4 SQL statements.

      In y Connection there are more than 10 database tables associated and 3 SQL statements.

      In z connection there are 2 database tables associated and 1 SQL statement.


      How many QVD files should I generate?

      There are date fields in the tables which can be used for incremental Load.

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          Adam Davies

          It really depends on your data model and what you want to do with it.


          Our main dash is a simple star schema so we have a single fact QVD and then a QVD for each dimension.


          The Fact is incrementally reloaded and the dimensions are just reloaded in full.


          However we then break the fact QVD down into smaller QVDs for use in lighter dashboards