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    'If takes 2-3 parameters' issue in script

      I have the following script error when reloading from one line reading "Error in expression: it takes 2-3 parameters."


      Here's the scripting:


      Here's what ConcatKey =:


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          m w

          I would be easier to reply if yoour script was text and not a picture.

          You have 2 IFs at the end of the expression. They say something like:


          Those IFs have only 1 parameter.

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              I don't know how to get rid of them based on the scripting. Any idea?


              Load error:

              if(trim('01')='' or IsNull('01'), '*NONE', trim('01')) & '%' & if(trim(If(IsNum(ItemID))='' or IsNull(If(IsNum(ItemID)), '*NONE', trim(If(IsNum(ItemID))) as _ItemID,



              $(ConcatKey('$(varCompanyID)', If(IsNum(ItemID), Num(ItemID,'##########"), ItemID))) as _ItemID,



              ConcatKey = if(trim($1)='' or IsNull($1), '*NONE', trim($1)) & '%' & if(trim($2)='' or IsNull($2), '*NONE', trim($2));