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    Newbie, just need pointed in the right direction

    Michael Andrews

      I'm trying to recreate a report we have that does the following.


      We have specific certifications that are granted to a person. So some sample data might look like this.


      DateCertificate Name Person's IDStatus
      2016-01-01Cert 11Active
      2016-01-02Cert 11Inactive
      2016-01-02Cert 12Active
      2016-01-03Cert 11Inactive
      2016-01-03Cert 12Inactive
      2016-01-03Cert 13Active


      What I'm trying to create is a report that gives you unique counts for a specific certificate. So a report that looks something along the lines of this



      I've spent probably 8-10 hours looking at videos and building simple reports so I just kind of need help getting pointed in the right direction.


      Also, is there any way you can force users to choose filters before the data loads? I.e. we have more than just "cert 1" in the database, but I'd like to force them to say, hey, you have to pick one cert, and one cert only, as well as a date and time frame. Is that possible? Thanks,