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    Qlikview 12 erro while reloading qvw from QMC

    avneet taneja



      I am trying to reload qvw from QMC but getting below error


      Information Failed to send message to execution service. Message is removed from queue. Error details : Aborted! Reason: One QDS node is already saving tasks Message type: SaveAllTasks MessageParameter:

      Error System.Exception: Failed to retrieve document list from the specified QVS ||    at QMSBackendCore.Service.ServiceImpl.<>c__DisplayClass248.<GetUserDocumentList>b__247() ||    at SolutionGlobal.Collections.ThreadSafeCache`2.CacheItem`1.GetObject() ||    at SolutionGlobal.Collections.ThreadSafeCache`2.Get(TKey key, Func`1 createObjectFunc) ||    at QMSBackendCore.Service.ServiceImpl.Get


      Can anyone suggest needful.