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    Nprinting Object Display is Inconsistent

    Lin Yur


      I am creating a word template report in NPrinting. When I use a straight table object with a linear gauge expression, the gauge column inconsistently populates. When initially adding the object the column populates without issues but subsequent openings and previews cause it to not populate. Does anyone have suggestions on what might cause this? Is it a bug in NPrinting?




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          Frank Savino



          To determine where the problem is:


          Make the necessary report selections within the QVW and the do 'send to excel' by right-clicking on the chart and selecting 'send to excel' from the context menu.


          Do you get the same unexpected results when exporting to excel from the QV desktop?


          If the issue occurs using send to excel, then the issue is actually with QV desktop itself.


          In any case, in order to perform a more detailed investigation, please report the issue to the Qlik Support Desk at the link below.


          Qlik Support


          If you do not have access to the Qlik Support Desk, please contact qoncierge@qlik.com in order to provide you with access credentials.