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    Kdb Connector with SSL Support


      We are trying to use QlikView to display data from a Kdb database, using an entitlement module.

      We have already downloaded and installed the Kdb ODBC driver, provided by Kx Technologies (http://kx.com/q/w64/). Unfortunately, the Kdb entitlement module requires a login and password to be sent from QlikView to Kdb, and the driver does not provide any way to secure the connection.

      So, first, which solution can you advise us to implement in order to secure this connection? We were thinking in using SSL (this is already implemented on the Kdb side), but I guess this means we have to develop a customised module within QlikView. Has anyone already work on this subject, and could help us? Which language can be used to develop that kind of connector (we already have a generic C# API to connect to Kdb using SSL)?

      Sorry for all the questions, and thanks for your help.