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    Create new Recipient list from QV doc for Nprinting

    Crystle Stamper

      I have a table in Qlikview that shows any buyer that has a Contract that is going to expire in 60 days.


      I need to be able to create a list of these buyers in NPrinting and have the report sent from NP only to these people. The list will change every time the report is run.


      I was able to create a table in QV with the Buyers that have Contracts expiring in the next 60 days, and I was able to import them into NPrinting easily.


      So now I have a list of Recipients in NP, but I am not sure how to get the report to only send to those specific Recipients, and not ALL recipients in the NP file.


      I have been reading the forums and know there are various ways to filter and create recipient groups, but for some reason I cannot figure out a way to accomplish what I need to do.


      • Should I create a filter in QV and have NP read this?
      • or Should I create the filter in NP even though I already have a list of the recipients I need to send the report to?
      • How do I apply this filter to the Recipients? I can apply it to the report, but not sure how to do it with the emails list?
      • What if new Recipients are added but others need to be removed for the current list? Will it add the new Recipients and delete/remove the ones that do not apply?
      • Why is the sky blue? (just kidding, just making sure you're paying attention)




      Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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          carson walker

          Hi Crytsle -


          So first & foremost - working with NP16xx - you can set up a task to automatically check for updated & modified Recipients from a QlikView entity.


          You need to establish a connection to your Buyers Table in the Recipients Tab / Recipient Imports:


          -     Open the Recipient Import window - Click on 'From QlikView Entity', and click the '...' to the right of objectID.  Choose your Buyers Table &Click OK.


          - Now click  'From QlikView Entity'  & follow the Import Wizard to pick the correct fields you want to import into NP.  Click Execute & Import.


          You can now click on Tasks  - and open the 'Import Recipient Tasks' window -


          here you can set up a task for NP to import All Recipients, Net New Recipients, Modified Recipients, and/or Delete Old Recipients. 


          Click on Recipient Imports - and add that Import Connection you created above.    Save & Close -


          From this - you will want to create a Job  - running this Import Task - and schedule it on a recurring basis - this will ensure your list will be updated with New & Changing Recipients.


          How to Create and Import Recipients with Filters and Distribution Groups 


          If you are looking to create an individual report (one separate report for each recipient) - you will want to ensure you use the Cycle function applied to the report - Cycling Reports on Multiple Fields


          Cycle's can extract out the Buyers Information (name)  from your QV report - to create a report for each buyer in your Table.


          Lastly - the sky is blue due to Rayleigh scattering:  referring to the scattering of light off of the molecules of the air, and can be extended to scattering from particles up to about a tenth of the wavelength of the light. It is Rayleigh scattering off the molecules of the air which gives us the blue sky -


          but you probably already knew that.....(just kidding, just making sure you're paying attention)

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              Crystle Stamper

              Thank you so much for your reply Carson!


              I followed your instructions and it did indeed work!


              The only small issue I saw is when I tried running the Recipient Import task the next day, with different data, to test if it would correctly edit the list, it created a new Recipient Group and called it "E" ... which I found very strange... But it DID update the "Group 1" Recipient Group and that is the one in my Task distribution list so I guess it's not a big deal... just strange.


              And you are my favorite now, haha, the sky is blue comment was awesome

              And I did actually already know, since I was the kid who asked a million questions growing up (this was before google, if anyone even remembers those days) so my mom bought me a whole set of "Why?" books and my favorite was about the sky being blue, so I was educated about sky colors at a young age, lol


              ... but its still a fun random question. And you got it correct! Go you! AND you solved my Qlikview issue, so go you again!


              Thanks for your help!! ...and the humor

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              Tim Maher

              Hi Guys,


              This sounds exactly what I need to accomplish too.  At the moment, I am successfully updating a list of users email address along with a primary key of ID :



              The corresponding field in my DataSet is also 'ID', I now need to cycle through the ID field and where ID in my dataset matches my recipient ID 'above' sent the report to this corresponding  email recipient.


              Can anyone help??


              Many thanks!