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    NPrinting Conditional Task help

    Michael Reagan

           Hello All -


      We've created a small QVW that monitors 16 SQL tables that are replicated each night. We need to update users whether or not the jobs were successful. The QVW simply gives a 1 or 0 for success/failure.


      What we'd like to do is to send the report every 1/2 hour each morning until all tables are successfully replicated. It's a simple Excel/HTML report in the body of the email:




      I think I have it working with a condition to send until all are successful.. simply a straight table with a calculation condition of sum(success) <> 16, running every 30 minutes between 6-10am. What I can't figure out is how to send the final 'successful' email. (when sum(success) = 16) just once, when ever it might happen during the morning.


      Any help would be much appreciated!