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    Repeating column name in few files

      How can I upload to Qlik my files without error at the end... ?

      I have to upload 6 excel files where the same column name exist.


      Files names ( in bracket - repeating column)

      App - (Site)

      Inc - (Site, Month)

      Server - (Site)

      PC - (Site)

      Wan - (Site, Month)

      Spend - (Site)


      Can be even done?

      The best way would be creating one file ,not 6... but unfortunately it is impossible.


      I hope someone can help.

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          Mark Little



          What exactly is it you're trying to do, they lot of things you can do with excel files to combine them.

          If you could give some demo data it would help also.



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            Gysbert Wassenaar

            I don't understand your question. Does an excel have several columns with the same name? Or do you have excel files that by themselves each have unique field names, but they have some field names in common with some of the other excel files? This first cannot be handled other than renaming field names (or Qlikview will do it for you). The other can be handled by forcing the data to be concatenated into one table using the CONCATENATE directive.



            LOAD A, B, C, D FROM excelfile1 (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);


            CONCATENATE (MyTable)

            LOAD A, B, F, G FROM excelfile2 (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);

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              Salamon Musayev

              Hi Barbara, 



              I faced a similar issue and was able to get around but in my case they did not need to be related and was mostly data from different years that I wanted to compare.  It will also rename the columns for your tables. 


              This is what worked for me.


              Open your Qlik App, go to Data Manager, Click Add Data, (add you first table as you would normally do).

              Then while still being in Data Manager,  Click Add Data, choose your second table.  Prior to Clicking on load and finish, there is a Profile button.  Click on Profile button and onto you should see under Recommendation, No Association button.

              Select No Association button, and click Rename Fields. Then go ahead a load the data.  


              You should be able to load the two table, but then again this is may not be what you are looking for.