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    Need to show only last 8 Weekstart- Weekend in line graph

    Supriya R



      i have a line graph, where i  want to display data in graph for only last 8 weeks.


      Here i have Dimension :    Week_Group_Year


      date(WeekStart(CanonicalDate), 'MM-DD-YYYY') &' - '& date(WeekEnd(CanonicalDate), 'MM-DD-YYYY')  as Week_Group_Year,  


      Expression :


      CanonicalDate = {"<=$(=WeekEnd(today(),-1))"}>}invitation_id)



      But when i give fixed number in properties of dimension to 8. It shows more than last 8 weeks weekend and Weekstart datas.


      How to fix it to show only to last 8 weeks.


      i have attached qvf file, please refer it


      Please help me.