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    Dashboard Access on External IP Issue with IOS

      The Background

      The Qlikview server is hosted internally and does not have a public (external) IP address.


      There is a need to access the Qlik Dashboard outside of the corporate network without the use of a VPN. This was achieved by creating a WEB APPLICATION tile for Qlik on Centrify. The APP Gateway feature was used to create a secure tunnel between the user, Centrify and the internal resource.


      The application when launched through Centrify (SSO) works seamlessly in the following environments

      1. 1. Windows 7 and Windows 10.
      2. 2. Android Mobile devices



      1. 1. When launched on an Apple Mac, the Popup window for entering the login credentials hides behind the application tab and has to be brought to the front for one to enter username and password and access the Dashboard.
      2. 2. When the Qlikview application is launched on an IPhone and IPad – it is not possible to access the Pop-up window which resides behind the application  and it keeps on loading . See screen shot of  the isssue.

      Is there a way to resolve it