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    Incremental Load on SAP R/3 Standard Tables

      QlikView is in the Market for a long time & also making SAP connector that is certified by SAP Netweaver, But why not QlikView introducing Delta Load Procedure & Fields from various Standard SAP Tables, Bec'z SAP tables are standard in any Industrial verticals .... And without knowing the Delta procedure its very difficult task to fetch 100Million records ... only Delta is the solution ... so can't we expect the Templates for the same .... if the Template is present then only we can guide Client's ABAP team to make some Index on Delta Fields ... believe that will be Faster ...

      But in Any case if anybody having the Delta Script, made on Standard SAP R/3 Tables, please kindly reply back ... [:D]
      Facing Hard Time as well as quite a time taking process when we are trying to create Delta process from VBRK & VBRP tables...
      Bec'z VBRK having a timestamp field AEDAT, But VBRP doesn't ... similarly Cluster Tables are also difficult .Only possibility to fetch the Relevant from Closed Tables instead-off Cluster Tables, But taking more time than Full Load ... [:@]

      In this matter I am surprised, why not QlikTech is introducing concept like PSA (Persistence Staging Area) in SAP, as well as some process which automatically Keep a track on all document changed Items from CDPOS.