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    Workbench connection problems


      We recently purchased Workbench and got it setup on our server.

      I am now in Visual Studio 2010 trying to wire up a quick prototype but I'm running into issues getting anything to display. I've followed the example documentation to the letter. Here is what is happening:

      1. I create a blank webpage and add the QVObject control to my page
      2. I set the QvAjaxZfcPath property to point to the correct path on our server
      3. I bring up the properties of the QVObject and the first dropdown correctly displays all the available QVDs on our server
      4. However the dropdown for 'ObjectId' does not populate with any available objects to select to bind the control to

      What's going on here? Is it permissions related or what? Does something need to be 'turned on' or enabled on the QlikView server to see the available objects or what?

      I am new to QV and so far all our requests to the QV team who was kind enough to sell us the Workbench license have gone unanswered so I'm hoping someone in these forums can help