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    count latests records

    JUAN villalva



      I have theses fields


      serial_cve: the serial number of our devices

      fec_commServ: the date a message arrive to our server

      EV2OFC_OTA_Reason_General_P1081: the status we want to count


      We want to count how many latest status we have


      I just could calculate the latest status for each serial using:


      for the above function I used of course as dimension: serial_cve


      Now I want to count the quantity of each status EV2OFC_OTA_Reason_General_P1081

      for that I need to set as dimension : EV2OFC_OTA_Reason_General_P1081

      then I have no idea how to count the latest ones:

      I tried


      of course it looks wrong but I have no clue