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    Load script data from SQL and store them in an xls(x)



      we Need to prepare an ERP-Implementation and have some issues with exporting data into excel

      Does someone of you knows a way to load data directly from the database and store them into an excelfile?

      Today we are loading like below and it works.


      Now we Need additionally a load into Excel.

      But we have a second challenge: The first 60.000 entries go into Table 1, the next 60.000 entries go into Table 2 and so on

      (If we create a table and Export to Excel it has more than 1.2 Million entries)


      //Index der CODA-Tabelle
      SQL SELECT *
      WHERE CMPCODE like '$(varCMPCODE_SQL)'
      //AND DELDATE is null

      store efa_asset into $(DirDataQVD)efa_asset.qvd; (This should be adapted to load it into an Excel-File)




      store efa_asset into $(DirDataQVD)efa_asset.xlsx;