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    calculation not working with hidden column or with symbol atted

    Rhona Corcoran



      I am using this expression in a pivot table to show a value.  I have the '<' in as I need the target to show as <5% etc.  This will show fine in the column I am using this expression in but I am also using the column to calculate a variance and it will not work because of this '<'



      Expression in my Target YTD Column that i use for variance calculation below also:


      if(ReferredYYYY=2016,'<' & num(avg({$<TargetCode={'PC31'},TargetReferredYYYY={2016}, TargetReferredMM={"<=$(=vCurrentMonth)"}>}[Target])/100,'##0%'),


      Variance Calculation on columns:



      Activity YTD] - [Target  YTD  Calc])/[Target  YTD  Calc],


      I have tried to put it in another column without the '<' and hide this column but when I hide the column the expression in the variance will not work.


      Any Help would be appreciated