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    Measure a variable's result, which is the result of multiple other variables

    Matthew Quinn

      Hi there,


      I have an application that has many variables in it to work out scoring of each individual area for a supplier.


      One of the variables returns a grading i.e. A, B, C, D, E.  The grade they receive is based on their overall score, and their overall score is based on other variables doing calculations.


      I want a pie chart that shows the % of each grading according to the suppliers performance. e.g. A supplier has a score of 96%, they receive an A. Other suppliers may perform poorer and get an E. In this case there would be one A, and one E.


      I tried making the variables fields in the data load editor but it either says the expression doesn't work or that it can't find the fields being referenced. The reason for the second issue is that the grading variable is the result of multiple other variables, doing calculations based on fields from multiple different tables.


      Is there an easier way? If it involves using a bar graph instead of a pie chart I am also open to this.