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    Dynamic assignment in load script

    Keith Curley

      Dear All,


      I want to assign a field value in a table during load, based on a value in a previously loaded table, i.e. Check_Table has a list of 20 Orders, Main_Table has all Orders, I want to mark each Order in Main_Table with a flag to identify if it is present in the Check_Table list or not.


      could do a join of the two tables but this does not allow me to subsequently select Orders which are not in the Check_Table (as they will have a NULL value in the flag field and not selectable in my dashboard).


      Hence, during my load script for Main_Table I want to use something along the lines of:


      If [Order] in Check_Table,

           Flag assigned 'Yes'


           Flag assigned 'No'


      Does anyone know how I can do this in Qlikview?


      Thanks in advance,