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    User Privileges / Admin Override Security questions

    Jarrell Dunson



      I had to rebuild a PC this week...and when I got Qlikview up and running again... viewing/editing QV notebooks... on a different server...

      I found an oddity...


      When I check all the boxes under Sheet Properties / Security...to allow a user to do everything...like move/size objects, Copy/Clone objects, it doesn't work.  Yes, I check the Layout options in the object itself, and these boxes are checked also. 


      So, I had to go to Document Properties and check "Admin Override Security" ... only then could I move an object, copy a object, etc.


      1.  Why should we have to do this? Is it normal?  Should we not be able to set Sheet/object properties...without having to select the override?  Why wouldn't using the Sheet/Object Property settings work?


      2.  Are there other implications/effects to consider ...if I leave  "Admin Override Security" checked?