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    SAP HANA vs Qlikview

    sunil jain

      SAP Launches In-Memory Analytic Tool HANA.

      Pls gives you view for HANA vs Qlikview.

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          • SAP HANA vs Qlikview
            sunil jain

            Now a day most of SAP customer are comparing SAP HANA with Qlikview.

              • SAP HANA vs Qlikview
                Torben Seebach

                Hi All,


                I've had my hands on a big HANA box, and done some testing on both tools. HANA has really great real time and ETL features that QlikView has nothing to compare against. But on the Analysis side, I've able to produce similar results with QlikView on a 100 mio records star-schema, on a 1 cpu 4 gb server, while HANA was running on a 32 core, 256 GB server.


                QlikView has on analysis side huge performence advances.


                Please post if you have any specific questions.

                  • SAP HANA vs Qlikview



                    What about difference to get data from SAP (QV SAP Connector versus HANA). What about getting only DELTA of source ?

                    Difficulties to customise SAP for QV SAP Connector and for HANA ? Is needed SAP_ALL rights ?


                    Thank you

                      • Re: SAP HANA vs Qlikview
                        Ralf Becher

                        I think it should be: QlikView with SAP HANA, not versus..


                        Not doubt that QlikView is the top solution for analytics and with the new Direct Discovery coming with version 11.2 next week it is a great experience to pull in data from an external source (online) corresponding to the current selection.


                        Where SAP HANA (as a backend) is maybe the fastest SQL database on the market, it integrates seamless with QlikView's Direct Discovery because the response time is similar to QlikView! So, the user experience is same as it would be a QlikView application without Direct Discovery.


                        Read more about QlikView with SAP HANA: http://bit.ly/RCwBL7


                        - Ralf

                • Re: SAP HANA vs Qlikview

                  Can find some nice discussion here



                  • Re: SAP HANA vs Qlikview

                    Hi Torben & Ralf,


                    i'm currently exploring how to use QV with HANA.


                    Currrently, i'm using XtractQV to pull all data from BW queries.

                    If we put HANA into the picture, do you know how will that impact XtractQV (only if you use XtractQV of course).


                    Next, i'm not familiar with how HANA works, i know it's in-memory and it is to replace the database underneath SAP?  Would you mind to give some high level summary? and the available connectivity to HANA?



                    Ralf, i have seen your video, you are using JDBC to connect to SAP table, what about BW queries? Is there any way we can connect to BW queries?