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    How to Use Multiple Set Expressions

      Hi all-


      You've been able to help me with set expression in the past and I feel like I understand the basics.  I know need to create a set expression that contains multiple expressions in itself.  I'm trying to find the # of Internal Issues for 2016.


      To find the # of Internal Issues, I'm using the following set expression

      Count({$<[Incident Type]={'Internal Issue'}>}[Action #})


      To find the Year, I have two options I believe... I have 2 data columns, one is Year and the other is Date of Incident.  For both I would want it to only include those for 2016.


      Can someone explain the philosophy // or how to combine multiple set expressions?  I tried using my Master Dimension for the # of Internal Issues in my Year set expression but it didn't work..  (not # of QIDs is the master dimension name for # of Internal Issues calculation above)

      =Count({1<Year={2016}>}[# of QIDs])


      Thanks in advance -- you are all great at explaining and breaking down the steps!