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      Hello all,
      I am a junior consultant in QlikView, I already made a model QlikView but I have not yet developed a great application for a large company and I would like clarification on some points:
      - If I develop an application for a company and they have servers database oracle, mysql by example, how to make the connection between the application that you want to deploy and relevant databases and only if y 'change it in the database or new data, the application takes into account the changes directly to the application level.
      - I know it is at the level of QlikView Server which is attributed to how licensing is being done to transfer the applications develope dat the level of QlikView Server.
      - How to get the access point also to allow users access to authorized applications is what we created at the server?
      In a word, I want to know how is the deployment of QlikView applications on the desktop and enterprise users when I make a model with links between applications at the desktop and server database and implementing at level of QlikView desktop and servers.