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    create flag to use for comparison with expression counts of reported incidents

      Hi everyone.


      I am trying to create a chart where I can compare number of incidents reported this year (up to todays date, day number) vs previous years (also accordingly up to same day number from 2007 and upwards).




      Todays day number of year is 222, then compare;


      2007 - up to day 222 incidents reported

      2008 - up to day 222 incidents reported


      2016 - up to day 222 incidents reported.



      In my script I have the following:



      TempDate AS %IncidentReportedKey,
      TempDate AS  [Incident ReportedDate],
      Week(TempDate) AS ReportedWeek,
      Year(TempDate) AS ReportedYear,
      Month(TempDate) AS ReportedMonth,
      Day(TempDate) AS ReportedDay,


      I then go on to create a flag, to check whether if day number of year is less than todays date.


              if(Day(TempDate) <= Day(today()), 1, 0) as IncidentReportedDate_Flag.


      I then use this flag in an Expression in a chart, like this, with a variable vUpToToday = 1;


          = if(vUpToToday = 1, =count({$<ReportedYear={">2007"}>},IncidentReportedDate_Flag={1}>}DISTINCT(Incidents))


              =count({$<ReportedYear={">2007"}>}DISTINCT(Incidents)) )


      I have created a button that when hit acitvates the variable vUpToToday = 1, and then shows the respected comparisons, else just shows reported incidents from year to year.



      I think my problem is with the written flag, how can I manage to create a flag that focuses on days in year?