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    Search Max Date Sales

    Matheus Colares

      Hi folks!

         Recently i receive one solicitation, the solicitation is create a sales product no sales, and take the respective last date of sales, this mean, search in may database the max data of sale, product by product. Easy, just make a max(datasale) in SLQ and catch...Is not too simples, because a have group by in a all movement product table, of two year, this delay a lot. So i did this, i load all sales in qlikview and manage a column insed pivot table, make MAXSTRING(DateSale), ok...work it, but soon after a have catch de cost sales that product in the max datasale, and i not get, anyway, because a column Max(DateSales) in not a dimension.

      How a make to get this.

      sum(if(DataSale = Max(DataSales),CostSale))  ??

      Sample below.

      Sorry by my english!!!


      Thank you!