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    Possible to repeat chart in a group repeater control?

      Is it possible to specify a GROUP BY repeater and have charts inside of it?


      For example, imagine a scenario where I want to see sales by State.  I have a grid and a linechart.


      Now I want to see each of those expanded so that a grid and line chart repeat on the page for each state in the selected country (or department in a org or...whatever, product in category, etc, etc)


      Is there anyway to setup a sort of repeater control so that there is a child repetition for each parent grouping?


      Imagine we have a chart showing sales numbers over 12 months and then a grid showing the same data... but we want to be able to expand out and see one "row" or repetition for each child level (states per country, products per category, etc)


      Could this be accomplished by a sort of drill through or link to another report where the user selects the state from a list and then that passes in parameters to the subreport that acts as the "repeated portion"?



      BUMP anyone?