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    QlikSense Mobile App Resize

    Karthik Selvaraj



      How to enable the compatibility between Qliksense Desktop mobile app and Qliksense mobile app.


      The dashboard alignment is not as good as Desktop version. Can anyone suggest me the best extension or standard practice to resize the objects compatible to mobile application.


      Many Thanks


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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Qlik Sense uses what Qlik calls intelligent responsive design. That means it will try to fit the content to the screen in such a way that it's most readable. That does not mean it will look exactly the same on all screens, just resized to fit. It means it can look very different. It will look radically different on a 'smallish' smartphone. You have no influence whatsoever over this.

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              Nikhil Garg


              I have make an application  in qliksense and when i opened it in android Chrome browser, it's objects positioning was absurd. I have reduced the text object height and width to it's minimum but still in mobile , object's size is too long. Can you help me understanding how to align the objects in qliksense for mobile view?