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    Qlik Sense section access

    Siddharth Sheshadri

      Hello guys, I have a problem with Section Access in Qlik Sense server.

      I have implemented section access for row level security as the below code shows:


      Section Access;

      LOAD * inline [



      USER, xx\xx

      USER, yy\yy

      USER, zz\zz



      section application;

      Load * inline [

      USERID, TL2

      xx\xx, *

      yy\yy, Cars

      zz\zz, *



      Now for user yy\yy, everything is as desired and is restricting the meta-data of column TL2 to "Cars" only.

      However for xx\xx and zz\zz, the data should not be restricted but however when they open the report, there is absolutely no data.


      The users are being authenticated but the data is completely absent.

      When I change the * to any parameter, it works but * does not work.


      Thanks in advance.