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    Qlikview layout best practice question 1: tab or menu

    ivan li

      Hi Guys

      I have a question about Qlikview layout design:

      By default Qlikview is providing tabs for navigation among the sheets, which is working fine.

      One problem is that: it makes the logo or project info below the tab menu. Another problem is it does not support nested menu.


      Another option is to create a customized menu though text box or buttons, it makes the layout looks better and support nested menu.



      My question is: which option is better?


      My personal preference is that I like the Qlikview default one because it is very simple and straight forward, zero maintenace effort.

      I think the strength of Qlikview is its quick development capability.

      If we try to make look and feel a little better and make the development effort increased a lot. We are abusing the capability of Qlikview.


      Is my understanding correct? What do you think? I would like to see different opinions or ideas.