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    Qlikview Layout Best Practice Question 2: How to improve the reusability of Qlikview layout development

    ivan li

      Hi Guys

      Another question for Qlikview layout design best practice.

      We would like to make sure the reusable look and feel component can be designed or maintained in the proper way, so that we don't need to make redundant changes when there is a need.

      The following points are the ones I know so far, but I think they are not enough:

      1. Using links to make sure the object changes can be updated among different sheets;

      2. Using color related calculation to set up a dynamic approach to update the color for components.


      While I don't see the capability which I can see in other BI software:

      1. There is no way to mass color change for some object borders;

      2. There is no way to define an object centrally and refer that object in another qlikview document( Cognos can do this by layout reference object);

      3. Some menu or button design depends on the background image, this background image we have to create manually and one by one, any changes we cannot automate it;


      Is my understanding right? Any best practice I missed? Or something mine is wrong?

      Please share what you think. Any idea is welcome. I do want to know what practice people are using and see the valuable advice.