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    How to use QVConnect?



      Qlikview 10 introduced a new component that controls the data connection called QVConnect. We thought of using it to simplify data connection and manage triggering to data upload.

      As far as I managed to dig in the tutorial and reference guides, I couldn't find any documentation on how to use this component.

      Am I searching for the wrong term (QVConnect)? Can someone please share a reference for the component documentation?

      Thanks, David.


        • How to use QVConnect?
          John Trigg


          QVConnect is a new component delivered with QlikView 10. However its actually the data connectivity component used from script execution. We've made it a separate execution component from qv.exe to provide more stability and management over data connections vs. the qlikview execution engine. You will notice two components - QVConnect and QVConnect32 that is used for 32 bit data connectivity in your script (e.g. running on a 64 bit machine and have to connect to a mix of 64 and 32 bit data sources. 'Force 32' checkbox in script makes the script statement(s) use the QVConnect32 process.

          If you are looking for information on how to write your own data connectors (where no compatible data connectivity exists for QV today), you can take a look at the new V10 format called QVX - QLikView Data Exchange. You can find information on that inside the QlikView SDK (optional component installed with QlikVIew Server). There are also a few examples on the forums.






            • How to use QVConnect?

              Hi John,


              I am having the data source in the 32 bit system and the Qlikview installed in the 64 bit system. Do i need to select theForce 32 bit?. Is there any impact in the performance if i am not going to select the Force 32 bit option.