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    SAP Connector issue

      Dear All,

      I am facing a problem related to SAP Connector.

      I am explaining you the whole scenario regarding the problem which I am
      facing while connecting with SAP using SAP Connector.

      The scenario is as follows:

      Previously, SAP Connector was connecting through SAP using Server IP Address.

      But now, client has created a intermediate routing between SAP server and
      Main Server i.e. RFC routing.

      RFC Routing create a file i.e. "SAPRFC.ini".

      So, Server IP is changed to server host name and group name. And these
      host name and group name are defined in "SAPRFC.ini" file.

      Server Host Name : erpprd
      Server Group Name : erprfc

      Now, we are not able to connect to server and also SAP Connector is not
      able to reading the "SAPRFC.ini." file.

      As a result, we are not able to connect qlikview with SAP through SAP

      Kindly provide me appropriate solution.