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    Custom message on Dashboard

    Bijoy B


                I have a KPI in my Dashboard, which shows both positive and negative values. If the value of KPI is zero, I want to display a message on my dashboard. How can I do it ??


                I planned to keep a Text Object in the dashboard with the message, which will be hidden if the value of the KPI is non-zero. But I don't know how i can implement it


                Please suggest me. Thanks in advance.

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          Roberto Garcia Medina

          Not sure if I understand correctly, but you could use the same expression from the KPI item measure and do something like this:


          if(Sum(FIELD)=0,'KPI is zero', 'KPI not zero')


          In the expression of the Text item...

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            Bella Mae

            Qlik sense doesn't have the ability to hide ad display objects but you could use a KPI for the text with a calculation condition


            for the KPI the below settings are needed (make sure you select custom under number formation and that show titles is off and unticked under appearance.)

            Capture 4.PNG Capture 6.PNG

            For the calculation condition you would use

            [Your Expression]=0 and then you can add in any text you like

            Capture 5.PNGCapture 7.PNG

            And the KPI will appear like below when the expression does not equal 0

            Capture 8.PNG