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    Connector to Dynamics NAV


      I want to use QlikView to work with the data of a Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) application. Does exist a connector for this data source, please?

      Many thanks

        • Connector to Dynamics NAV
          Karl Pover

          You don't need a connector to Dynamics NAV. You should use the MS SQL Server OLEBD to connect to the database behind Dynamics NAV to extract the data.

          On the other hand, there might be somebody with a Dynamics NAV template that can help you create your first data model and reports more quickly.


          • Connector to Dynamics NAV

            I think it depends on which database your Dynamics Nav is installed on.
            The database could be Dynamics Nav's own format.
            If that is the case you need to connect through an ODBC-connection, first installing Navisions own ODBC-client.
            Be aware that the ODBC-client will use one of your businessusers license, so you might need to purchase another.
            I'm not aware if their own format has been discarded or is still in use, so please forgive me if my suggestion is needless...

            If your Dynamics Nav runs on SQL-server 2005 then of course you should do as suggested by Karl Pover :-)

            Best regards.

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                thanks for your replies.

                I intend to use NAV with SQL Server. But the right question it isn't only to refer to link simply to the underlying db. Other vendors offer NAV accelerator, to simplify and facilitate integration between QlikView and NAV at ETL level and at model data level. In few clicks it is possible to load data into a multidimensional structure built following best-practice dataware housing criterias.

                Now, does QlikView offer a similar integration with Dynamics NAV?


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                Hi all,


                another solution is served by the german solution provider YAVOEN AG. They provide a QlikView Connector for Dynamics NAV as well as for Dynamics AX.